Hans Castelijns
Medico Veterinario - Maniscalco
D. V. M. - Certified Farrier

"Il Frantoio" 
Località S. Martino di Cortona

Tel: ++39 0575612529 or ++39 3357771771

“Il Frantoio” the horse centre owned by Paolo Valiani is situated at the foot of the Etruscan town Cortona; it is able to accomodate horses with lameness problems for periods of time varing from a few days up to several months.

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An accurately diagnosed lameness may require a significant commitment of time and methods that are best carried out in a suitable locality that retains invariable ameneties i.e.:

  • soft ground

  • hard ground

  • a well lit examination area devoid of distractions

  • radiological apparatus with an adjacent developing room for instant results to analyse

  • ultrasonography in a moderately illuminated area etc

Furthermore, to diagnose the cause of lameness, it may be necessary for the patient to be available for several days in the case of having to carry out different local anesthesias.

In addition, patients with locomotor pathologies needing continuous and prolonged attention and treatment (such as horses afflicted with laminitis), result easier to manage if the subject itself is able to recieve constant veterinary and farriery therapy and treatment, such care is usually difficult to coordinate at the stable of abode.

The hospitalisation of these patients for the time required to initiate the recovery process is one of the primary purposes of the Centre.

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"Il Frantoio" offers the proprietors of the horses in treatment the possibility of overnight stay at the apartments, in this manner the main motive of sojourn can be combined with visits to the Etruscan town Cortona and the beautiful surrounding Tuscan and Umbrian area.

When solving a problem requires a temporary or permanent type of orthopaedic shoeing with particular techniques, the proprietors are expressly requested to contact or even bring along their own trustworthy farrier so that specific and detailed advice of the case can be given.

The Centre's philosophy therefore is to facilitate with rationality, efficiency and professionalism the management of the horse's lameness problem for the proprietor.

For further information please contact:
Hans Castelijns DVM
Loc. Valecchie 11/A
52040 Cortona (AR)
Tel + fax: ++39-0575-614335
Mobile: ++39-337-7716663

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