Hans Castelijns
Medico Veterinario - Maniscalco
D. V. M. - Certified Farrier

Hans Castelijns' Curriculum Vitae

Education - training:

Born in Leiden, the Netherlands in 1958 and raised in Madrid Spain he returns to Holland for his science degree in high school (Noordwÿkerhout - Z - Holland 1975) followed by a year as freshman at Lawrence University - Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.A. (75' - 76'). In 1982 he establishes himself in Tuscany, Italy. In 1985 he starts his farrier training at the Equine clinic of Bosh en Duin, Utrecht, the Netherlands, obtaining a farriery diploma released by the region of Tuscany - Italy in 1989. Facilitated by the knowledge of six languages (Dutch, Spanish, English, Italian, French and German) and convinced of the need of ““continuous education” he follows farrier conferences and masters in various countries (Italy, France, U.K., and U.S.A.). In 1993 he enrolls in veterinary school at Perugia - Italy, graduating in 1998 “cum laude” presenting a thesis on “Modern Farrier Techniques in the Prevention and Therapy of lameness in Horses”.


Hans Castelijns works as a professional farrier since 1987 and as a farrier - Veterinarian since 1999 in the field of equine podiatry on a wide variety of horses which include thorough - and standard bred - studs, mares, foals and racing horses, race and show Arabs, show jumpers and reining horses. He writes a monthly farriery article for “Cavallo Magazine” where he is a paid consultant. 

Teaching work: 

  • Farriery teacher for a regional course of “Equestrian tourism operators” 1992 - Arezzo - Italy
  • Farriery teacher for a regional course of “Equestrian guides”, 1999 - Perugia - Italy 
  • Instructor of farrier apprentices of the Marseilles - France and Barcelona - Spain farrier schools.
  • Part time teacher at the Perugia - Italy Veterinary Faculty for the Equine Podiatry and Biomechanics course, 2000.
  • Regional Farriery clinic Piemonte - Liguria - Italy, 2000.

Publications and speaking engagements at Veterinary and Farriery conferences and seminars (chronological reversed order): Click on the supplied link above, or (HERE) to open a new window.

Farriery competitions:

Since 1995 he participates each year in the annual "Modern Farriery Competition" of Città di Castello - Perugia - Italy obtaining regularly honorable placements (1° - 1995; 5°- 1996; 3°- 1997; 1°- 1998; 5°- 1992 and 5°- 2000) In the 1995 edition of the "Equus-Catalonya" Girona - Spain fair he obtains the 5° best point total in the forging and farriery competition.


Horse owner and breeder he is a professionally qualified “Equine tourism operator” licensed by the Tuscany Region in 1991 and has a 1° degree FISE - riding license.
In 1991 he places 3° in the national Cross Country championship and 10° in the finals of the 160km Italian Endurance championship.